I hope that you love your purchase, but if anything goes wrong – here’s my policy.


I am unable to accept returns returns on original artworks or commissioned pieces once they have been finished and approved by the buyer. I can accept returns on print orders if requested and return postmarked within 30 days, and can issue a refund as soon I have received your return in original sellable condition. Any cancellations requested before your order has shipped will be immediately refunded, but may not include shipping charges if the label has already been purchased. I will make every effort to not buy the label until your order is ready to ship out to avoid paying for a label that won’t be used!

If for any reason you are unhappy with your product, please contact me.

Art Prints

Most of my prints are made to order to reduce waste (unless I already have some in stock), so I appreciate cancelations sooner than later. Please contact me via email, text message, or DM to request a cancelation. If it has already shipped, I cannot issue a refund until I have received the item back in original condition. Please contact me with any concerns and I will do my very best to resolve them!


If you have purchased an original artwork that I have listed for sale, all sales are final. In addition, by purchasing my art you agree to the following terms: a) you will not make copies, prints, or reproductions of the artwork – this includes NFT; b) you will not portray the artwork as your own; c) you will not resell my original paintings without due credit to myself as the original artist, and d) I, Jack Malstrom, retain all rights to the image and may make prints and/or any other products at my discretion.


Commissioned works are subject to the commissions policy and cannot be refunded. If the image isn’t quite the way you want it, let me know. I will make one reasonable effort to adjust it, free of charge, without fully redoing the painting.

If you are still unsatisfied and wish for me to start over, a charge equal to one-third of the original quote must be collected before I can start fresh. This is nonrefundable, and is in addition to the contracted payment amount that we agreed upon at project conception.

Please note that each medium (oil paint, watercolor) is very different. Drastic changes to the painting may or may not be possible, so good communication about your expectations is vital.

Anything Else?

Contact me at Jack@MalstromFineArt.com for questions and I will be happy to assist you however I can!


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