Lotus Temple – Fine Art Prints


Ornate temple with lotus blossom; Oil on canvas


This painting is so important to me personally, and I hope it can maybe bring others a sense of peace, too.

At the time that I started painting it, I was going through a very difficult faith transition – I was grappling with so many feelings and decisions, and completely reevaluating my entire worldview. At length, I reached the conclusion that all was not as it seemed, and I needed to abandon the way I knew and make my own way, both for my own integrity and wellbeing, and for my family.

As I moved on from what I had always “known,” I learned to rely on myself more. I learned that I didn’t need any kind of formal guide to be a good person. I know what is important to me; I know who I want to be; I can find my own fulfillment by living according to my own conscience.

This painting represents a sacred place to retreat to find serenity and balance.




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