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Hello, I’m Jack – welcome! I’m so excited that you are here to see my fine art page, it means so much to me!

I am a mostly-self-taught artist, who creates as much as I can, as often as I can! Even though I am relatively new to painting fine art, I am so passionate about sharing the way I see the world through art.

My sister and I loved drawing, designing, and making pretty things all the time growing up. In high school, I enjoyed ceramics, woodworking, sewing, photography… everything creative. I avoided other “art” classes, though. Too scared to have the pressure of having to do it for a grade, I never tried.

I painted with acrylics occasionally in college, but that was about the extent of my painting at that point. In 2017, one of my coworkers started teaching a watercolor community class. I enrolled; and my life changed.

As I learned more skills, my passion grew exponentially.

After a while of very frequent watercolor painting, I became interested in oil painting, but was deterred by how “difficult and expensive” it is.

So, in 2020, my husband gifted me Bob Ross’ beginning oil painting essentials – it was the jumping off point I needed! I dove right in, my young son always asking if I am “watching the painting guy,” and quickly realized that I am no Bob Ross. BUT I love oil paint. I watched video after video; read everything I could find; had a lot of trial and error. And I started to be able to paint what I envisioned! It is so exciting!

And that brings us to now!

I end up painting most nights, and whenever else I can fit it in. I love it.

It is therapeutic and cathartic, and I would encourage anyone who thinks they might like it to just go for it! Grab some inexpensive materials and just try. You never know what might change your life for the better.

To read about my general process, head over here!

Thanks for stopping by! 🤍🤍🤍

Some notes…

If you’d like to check out my original watercolor guru’s website, click this link:

I’m proud to work with another local woman-owned business for all of my print services! To check her company out, click here:

You can view my prints here:

Or see my available originals here:


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