If you have an idea that you’d like me to help you bring to life, please get in touch!

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I will direct you to this Google form, so feel free to fill it out when you can!

Take a look at my portfolio here to see all of my art in one place!

Commissions Policies

Commissioned works cannot be refunded. If the image isn’t quite the way you want it, let me know. I will make one reasonable effort to adjust it, free of charge, without fully redoing the painting.

If you are still unsatisfied and wish for me to start over, a charge equal to one-third of the original quote must be collected before I can start fresh. This is nonrefundable, and is in addition to the contracted payment amount that we agreed upon at project conception.

Please note that each medium (oil paint, watercolor) is very different. Drastic changes to the painting may or may not be possible, so good communication about your expectations is vital.

As the artist, I retain copyright for commissioned works, and our contract will include whether or not you are willing to let me showcase your commission in my portfolio, make prints, and post pictures of the piece to social media. Please be aware that additional fees may apply if you do not wish me to include your piece as part of my public artworks, and that all commissions are for personal, noncommercial use unless directly specified within our contract.

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