{a list of all of the pieces I’m working on}

‘Lady of the Stars’oil on canvas panelREADY!
Untitled (Portrait of Luca)oil on canvas panelpainting
Succulent Yogawatercolor on cold pressreworking
Ruby Gilded Scarab oil on canvasdetailing
‘Leave Her Wild’oil on canvas panelREADY!
‘Divine Femininity’oil on wood panelREADY!
Untitled Abstract Womanoil on canvas panelREADY!
‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ Ioil on canvas READY!
Untitled Colorful Abstract
‘United We Stand’
oil on wood panelREADY!
‘The Lovers’ IIoversized watercolorplanning
‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ IIoil on canvaspainting
‘Gaia’oil on 36×48″ canvaspainting
Gilded Female Skull and Roseoil on 8×10″ wood panelpainting

Follow along for updates and processes on these current projects!

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