If you are interested in learning more about my brand or collaborating, take a look at my media kit!

Initially, I struggled to find a good example of an artist media kit online, even though there are plenty of general kit examples available. However, I finally came up with one that I am proud of! I feel that it represents me and my brand perfectly.

Jack P. Malstrom Fine Art Artist Media Kit Cover Page
Malstrom Fine Art Artist Media Kit Cover Page

Once you click, you will find the following in my artist media kit:

  • More about me (see here for more on that)
  • My mission and purpose
  • My art journey
  • Contact information (click here to fill out a contact form)
  • Brand statistics
  • My goals and plan to achieve them
  • My logo, business card, and packaging
  • A current project list and what stage each piece is at
  • Some ideas for collaboration
  • My portfolio at a glance (or go here to see them full size)

I created this document using Canva, which was super easy and intuitive – not to mention extremely fun!

I will write about my process and what all went into making it very soon! Stay tuned!



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